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We're a husband and wife team who love to work on creative projects together. We met working in a London ad agency, and today live in the heart of the English countryside with our two young sons.

Will Francis

Will Francis

Will spent most of his career helping the world’s most loved brands and talent grow through social and digital media. A former member of the MySpace team during its 2000s heyday, he later worked in major ad agencies before founding his own digital agency Harkable in London.

Since 2016 he has turned his focus to sharing years of experience through media and conference appearances, whilst delivering digital marketing courses for the AMA (US), DMI (Global), UCD (Ireland) and CIM (UK).

He hosts ‘Ahead of the Game’, the DMI’s marketing podcast, and is a published author with Prestel (Penguin Random House) of books about popular culture.

More at willfrancis.com


Stacey Marsh

Stacey Marsh

Stacey is a graphic designer and illustrator who has created visual work for major brands in fashion, technology and consumer goods. Today, her design work focusses on data visualisation and interface design for companies with highly complex data-sets - mostly in the financial, crypto and IT industries.

Her illustrations are a unique blend of paper-based and digital techniques, often centred around her unique repeating pattern designs. She has recently launched a range of colouring poster sets based on these pattern designs.

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