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Apple Martini

Jennifer Aniston | The Break-Up | 2006
Apple Martini Recipe | Jennifer Aniston | The Break Up

Apple Martini

The Appletini, as the Apple Martini is often called, is one of the most popular Martini variants and has featured in many films and TV shows over the last 20 years. It even became the official drink at Facebook’s HQ after founder Mark Zuckerberg tasted the drink at the premiere of The Social Network, in which this cocktail also appears.

[short excerpt from Cocktails of the Movies]


2 oz / 50 ml vodka
1 oz / 25 ml apple schnapps
1⁄2 oz / 12.5 ml lemon juice
1⁄2 oz / 12.5 ml Cointreau

Shake all the ingredients with ice and pour into a chilled Martini glass. Drop a cocktail cherry in to garnish and serve.